DCIM and Security Operations Solutions

Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM)
ReliaSource provides Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) Solutions powered by Nlyte solutions including the acquisition of FieldView. DCIM is the discipline of managing the physical infrastructure of a data center and optimizing its ongoing operation. As a software suite that bridges the traditional gap between IT and the facilities groups and coordinates between the two, DCIM reduces computing costs while making it easier to quickly support new applications and other business requirements.

As the leader in Data Center Service Management (DCSM), Nlyte helps organizations start with DCIM to manage their infrastructure but ultimately enables them to expand their use of Nlyte to operate state-of-the-art data centers while constantly reducing the costs of delivering SLAs to their business.  Nlyte was the first to deliver the industry’s benchmark for Data Center Infrastructure Management (DCIM) and now this product is the foundation for the next evolution of our state-of-the-art data center solutions – Data Center Service Management (DCSM). Whereas DCIM helps an organization manage data center infrastructure, Nlyte’s DCSM solution goes beyond to not only manage infrastructure but also to empower data center personnel to perform their job functions more efficiently – all while synchronizing information and activities to other systems that depend on accurate data center information.

Security Operations (Sec-Ops)
There are two things your security team needs to know: whether your business is secure, and if things are getting
better or worse. Security teams need to gain better visibility into their entire security posture while minimizing time invested in manual processes. Security Operations connects the workflow and systems management capabilities of the ServiceNow platform with security data from leading vendors. This gives your security team a single-response platform for complete visibility for responding to incidents and vulnerabilities.

Security Incident Response
With Security Incident Response (SIR), track the progress of security incidents from initial analysis to containment, eradication, and recovery.

Vulnerability Response
You can use the Vulnerability Response module to compare security data pulled from internal and external sources, such as the National Vulnerability Database, to vulnerable CIs and software identified in the Asset Management module. If CIs or software are found to be affected by a vulnerability, you can create changes, problems, and security incidents from those vulnerable items.