Platform Support & Advanced Services

ReliaSource offers a variety of ServiceNow Implementation and Advanced Services Packages and likewise Core Platform Support Services. From our Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM), designed to get you up and running quickly and delivering ROI on ServiceNow in as little as 4 weeks, to our Implementation Rescue and Continuous Instance Improvement (CI2) packages designed to resuscitate existing investments or ensure continued maximum value delivery to your organization from ServiceNow, ReliaSource has a service solution to meet your needs. From basic Core system administration and upgrade support to advanced integrations and our 24/7 Ceaseless Support and Monitoring Service, we have a solution to all of your ServiceNow support and administration challenges.

Platform Services

  • Core Setup – Basic ServiceNow Setup activities conducted during discover and build phases of our tailored methodology. Services include: Core Setup; Import of all foundation data – Users (LDAP or other imports), Groups, Role Setup, Departments, Structure and Company Data, Locations, Calendars, Schedules and Authentication (LDAP, SSO, or ServiceNow); custom branding; and communications configuration.
  • Upgrade Support – One-time or ongoing support for major or minor ServiceNow version upgrades. Whether you need complete hands-off upgrade support or just someone to bounce questions or concerns off of, we are here to help and will come up with something to fit your specific requirements.
  • Advanced Integrations – ServiceNow integrates with many third party applications and data sources. A variety of techniques can be used, most notably Web Services, JDBC, LDAP, Excel, CSV, and Email, as well as any industry standard technologies that use SOAP, REST, or WSDL. The ServiceNow platform is based on service-oriented architecture (SOA), in which all data objects can use web services to access bi-directional data-level integration. This flexibility enables ServiceNow to integrate with almost any system out there to deliver advanced, custom functionality no matter your legacy environment.

Advanced Services

  • Accelerated Implementation Methodology (AIM) – Delivering ROI in 4-8 weeks through a focused, succinct implementation methodology built upon our 14 years’ experience delivering enterprise IT Service Delivery solutions. AIM is a process driven implementation methodology designed to expedite implementations using a hybrid waterfall/agile model to cement requirements and rapidly deliver functionality to your instance and drastically shorten traditional implementation/development timelines.
  • Process Engineering / Road-mapping – Our Process (re)engineering experts will execute a comprehensive analysis of your existing IT operations, gather target requirements, and collaboratively re-imagine the way your organization defines, manages and consumes IT services. Based in ITIL doctrine, our process engineering experts deliver solutions to evolve existing operational methods up the maturity ladder, enhancing visibility, measurability, repeatability and overall quality.
  • Ceaseless Support – Remote administration support services delivering the entire array of ServiceNow administration, operations and management requirements. We leverage our own internal ReliaSourceNow instance to monitor, manage and coordinate all maintenance activity, scheduled or unscheduled, problem & incident response, change management and ad-hoc support requirements providing complete 24/7 Monitoring and Support Services for your ServiceNow instance.
  • Implementation Rescue – Do you feel like you are not getting as much as you can from your existing ServiceNow implementation? Our Implementation Rescue service focuses on identifying and resolving existing challenges, maximizing opportunities to drive efficiency into your processes, and delivering vastly enhanced ROI and overall satisfaction with the ServiceNow platform. Our team of Rescue Experts love to solve problems and are passionate about the capabilities of ServiceNow and can “rescue” your implementation and make your organization rekindle their affection for ServiceNow and all that it can do to deliver value to your users.
  • Continuous Implementation Improvement (CI2) – As an enhancement to new implementations or as a follow-on to an Implementation Rescue, CI2 is designed to layout the future roadmap of your ServiceNow implementation, evolving to meet new challenges and shifting requirements or to take advantage of the latest improvements to the ServiceNow platform. The focus for CI2 is to continually extract the most value and satisfaction from ServiceNow as your organization and the platform evolve.
  • Self-Hosted (On-Premise) – In certain, very specific environments, ServiceNow will approve the use of a Self-Hosted (On-Premise) implementation of its class leading Service Management Platform. This implementation option is meant for extremely secure environments that are physically or for legal or policy reasons prevented from leveraging cloud based software to manage internal IT Operations and Service Delivery. The ReliaSource team has deep expertise implementing and supporting self-hosted ServiceNow instances for some of our Intel and DoD customers. Be forewarned the approval process is difficult and ServiceNow follows strict guidelines and criteria for approval. If you are interested in investigating a Self-Hosted implementation or need support for your existing Self-Hosted instance, ReliaSource has the experts that can help.